About CROM

Colorado Rehabilitation & Occupational Medicine (CROM) offers the most Physiatry and rehabilitation services to the Colorado Front Range. Our patients' needs are our priority, and CROM's mission is to improve the lives of our patients by maximizing their physical function.

We specialize in workers' comp, athletic and motion injuries, and treat many conditions of the joints, muscles, nervous system, tendons, muscles and ligaments non-surgically, including carpal tunnel, low back and shoulder pain, disc herniation, stenosis, joint arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, and spasticity. CROM physicians have diverse training, including Physical Medicine & rehabilitation, Psychology, Neurology, and Occupational Medicine. We are proud to have been serving Colorado since 1992.

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  • CROM now offers Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Regenerative Therapy. Amniotic and Bone Marrow stem cell therapy can repair injured, torn, or arthritic tissue by delivering biological material directly to the injury. Stem cell therapy can treat labral tears, rotator cuff tears and osteoarthritis, in many cases avoiding surgery or joint replacement. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injects platelets and growth factors from the patient's own blood directly to the injury to treat tendonitis, tendon or labral tears, and arthritis.

    Referring Physicians

    Our physicians are Level II accredited, and serve as a resource to occupational medicine providers, orthopedic surgeons, and physicians treating patients with musculoskeletal conditons.

    Patient Information

    Managing your rehabilitation process can be complex. CROM can help you navigate the rehabilitation and occupational medicine process.

    Employer Center

    Managing an employee's rehabilitation process can be complex. CROM can help you navigate the rehabilitation and occupational medicine process.

    What's new at Colorado Rehabilitation

    CROM has launched our "CROM Cares" automobile accident injury care and treatment program. We can treat injured drivers, often at no cost to themsleves, for musculoskeletal injuries from head to toe.

    CROM is excited to offer Psychological Services for pain, workers' compenstation, and Neurological Injury Rehabilitation with our new psychologist, William Boyd, PhD. Dr. Boyd provides a number of psychological services including pain evaluations, neuropsychological evaluations, pre-surgical asssessments, independant medical evaluations (IME's), cognitive/behavioral therapy in individual and group settings, and cognitive rehabilitation. Dr Boyd practices at our Aurora office.

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